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  It's the most important day of your baby's life. Remember it forever!
Of all the sessions that I do, birth sessions are by far the most powerful
and the most emotional.

I've been on both sides of the camera when it comes to birth photography,
so I understand my role to document quietly and unobtrusively. Take it
from me...do not leave it up to grandma to capture those irreplaceable
moments in your birth journey. Without a professional birth photographer,
you may be left with just a few blurry snaps of the baby after delivery and
nothing to document the labor process and the incredible birth miracle.

What did your baby look like the moment he came into this world?
What was your reaction?
Who was in the room.... Who smiled... Who cried...???


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Be it a birth in a hospital, at a birthing
center, a home birth, c-section, no
matter where or how you give birth,
when you have a baby, the memories
of that day will be the most compelling
and precious memories you'll ever have.

It would be an honor to create a photo
documentary of the birth of your child.
I will take very special care to
photograph every detail you want to
remember and most importantly,
capture all those things you might
miss through the fog of labor and
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